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Hello all,
Well I am getting back to pool so I thought this is a good place to get involved online. I grew up and played in Tampa Fla. Mostly at Hans in Town and country and few others places. later moved to Pensacola and played there in the Mid 2000's. Played against John Schmidt in Pensacola here in there and as we all know a great 14:1 player.
Currently 4 months back into it after 10 years off I am 42, trying to get a strong stroke again and get my mindseye seeing shots and cuts correctly, found I can catch some table runs still but need alot of work and a recent player I meet showed me the ways of one pocket and now I am really getting into that.
I now live in Mount Vernon, WA. feels good to be back and ready to see what I can become this time around. If anyone is ever around my area wants to meet and shoot, drop me a DM.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to some quality forum bashing.


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Hi all,

I'm new here, and play pool sporadically. I joined to learn more about the sport/game. Learn about tables, balls, cues, and other hardware. My kids have just gotten to the age where home pool table would be interesting.

So doing my research, and hopefully contributing on my journey. Thank you very much for letting me join.

Ant D

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HI all !
New here from Brooklyn, NY. Just getting back into pool recently joined APA here so I'm dusting of the cobwebs on the skills and cues.
Was told this was the forum to come to for all things pool.
Where do I post for help on possibly identifying an old Helmstetter cue ? I believe I bought back in the mid 90's ( I think ) any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure there are tons of posts like this on the forum. I haven't had the time to start looking yet but really want to get an idea on my cue.


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Hello everyone!
New here from Fairhope near Gulf Shores AL. I've enjoyed a Schmelke pool cue for the last week or so, and have been reading about tip maintenance , and caring for the rest of the cue on AZbilliards.

John - Hoppy


Hey all, I have been lurking for a few months but finally got approved to comment.

I live in Hamden, CT and came back to pool after a 30 year lay off. When I was playing back then, one of the guys I hung out with was a Robb Saez (don't know if he is on here or not) so it was a pleasant surprise to find out he was still playing at such a high level after all these years.

Anyway, my home room is US1 Billiards in West Haven, CT which is the room owned by Jayson Shaw and his wife, Ara. Great room and even better people.

I am currently a 6/6 in APA with a 504 Fargo (infancy stages). I am working hard to continue to improve and I am already a better player now than I was way back when.

I enjoy the forum quite a bit and look forward to chatting with everyone. Cheers!


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Hi, im from SoCal orange county im still learning how to play any tips are welcome

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Hi. I am Dusty, from KC area. Are you still playing in that area? I have moved around a bit and will be living in SoCal soon. Where are the good pool halls around SD? If you're a learner I am happy to help some, with my limited knowledge.


Hi, im Mitchell. 29 years old. Not an active user but been playing since 2015. Southern Alberta. I like playing 10-30 racks a day at the local bar and different halls

Nice to meet yall


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Hello, I have been lurking for a short time and I feel it's time to step out of the shadows and introduce myself. In online forums I go by my old Marine Corps nickname, cwcaesar. I served five years from 2002 - 2007, including one tour in Afghanistan. I was born and raised in Florida, but have lived in Tennessee for about the last 28 years. I am about an hour east of Nashville. Back when I moved to Tennessee around the time I turned 16, I lived in a small town, but was lucky enough to have a pool hall within 5 minutes walk. Games were only a quarter and I could spend all afternoon there for less than $5. This is where my appreciation for the game was born.

After time in the Marines, getting my accounting degree, and building a comfortable home, I have finally been able to acquire a pool table. I picked it up off of my brother who lives a couple hours away before I really knew what I was getting from him. As it turns out it is an old Gold Crown 3. It is the Pro 8 foot size (46" x 92") and in the rosewood and copper/bronze color scheme. He gave me a brand new cloth (I think it also includes the rail cloths) but the packing slip says that it was shipped in 2014 and I don't know if the cloth will dry rot over time. It is in brand new condition other than the age. I got one stick as well (something from walmart I believe, and no set of balls with it. The frame and rails seem to be in very good condition (other than one ding on the outside edge of the rail that put an indentation into the formica and the trim. All in all, I think it was a good deal for $900.

I do want to replace the cushions as I suspect they may be quite old, and it looks like one of them, at least, has a deformation where it was stored with something leaning against it. I am also considering doing a restoration on it. The room for it is being built out as a movie theater and game room, so It will have a dark color scheme. Leaning toward Black and Dark Crimson. So I thought that I might restore the table with a black finish on it. The pocket surrounds are also pretty chipped up from a bad spray painting attempt. So I am thinking that I will have all the metal powder coated. My only real hesitation is the formica removal. I really hate the look of it anyway. Thinking I may go with a poplar veneer to match the apron. Not that it really matters as I am leaning toward a black stain.

Anyway, I hope to have my table up and running by this summer. I am a DIY guy and I have to wire the home theater and hang sheetrock and all of that before I move these slates again. So I have a little time to decide how to proceed with the table. So, that is a little about me. I have already learned a lot from reading the forums.