New player needs a cue


The best thing you can do is to try some cues out in your price range and find one you like. Some people may love one cue while others will hate it. Even within brands, you might find you hate one model/cue and love another.

I own everything from a cheap bar cue, to a cuetec, to a custom made Jacoby, and I like playing with each of them, though the feel on each of them is different.


well, my cue is a Poison Bolt that cost $195.
Maybe you could check it out at the pool store in your town :smile:


check private message box for price, shipping included.


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Ha! I was just looking for posts about Dominiak cues to say how much I like the Sweet 16 I just bought. It is the same cue from 2cool2miss mentioned earlier in this thread. You missed out on this one! It hits great! Try to find one and try it out. I have been shooting with a runde era schon (great '80s $500 range cue) and i have temporarily put it away to shoot with the dominiak.
I have gone through a bunch of cues since I started playing seriously 2 years ago. mcdermotts were ok, had a viking for a couple days - didn't like it - felt mushy, had a meucci pre-dot - too whippy, had a predator sneaky pete - hit too hard - may have been too hard of a tip - before i knew about tip differences, pechauer pro series hits well, schon is great, dominiak is really nice.
i have not owned a joss yet but have one on the way. i have heard nothing but great things about them. i would also recommend looking for a joss on ebay.
good luck.


You should take a look at SEYBERTS - there are many cues under $200 - and maybe talk with their people. For under $200 probably a Lucasi is OK because offers guarantee including warpage.


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Are you still looking for a cue?
Valhalla is a part of Viking, but a cheaper series. Not the same by any means, just targeted at lower budgets.
If you have about 200$ for spending... The Viking cue you mentioned... Add 30-40 more $ and go for a Viking with a Vikore shaft if you want Viking. I was thinking about getting a Viking as my new cue, but in the end I went for a Poison.
I got the Arsenic AR5 and made a review for it:
As you can see from the review, I am very very satisfied. There are cheaper Poison cues as well. Not sure if other sublines from Poison(Like Strychnine, Nitro and Bolt) play the same, but they do have the same shaft, so they should be way better than what you currently need. Poison is part of Predator, just cheaper series. Not the same though, but I can't praise my cue enough... It's really excellent.
I won't lie to you, the only cues I know that play exactly the same as mine are Arsenic 3 and 4. AR1 and AR2 have different grips but should be about the same. AR1 is 220$ on the site. The first Nitro is 198$, though I can't give you any comments on the Octagon handle. Then you have Cyanide for 220$ and the cheapest playing cues are the blue and orange VX ones. Bolt should be good from what I've heard.
Check out the reviews on here:


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Welcome to AZ

Let me start by saying under no circumstances should you now or ever consider getting a Meucci(they are over priced pieces of sh%t) as I saw someone suggest. You are use to shooting with a one piece cue so I think you should find a cue that is close to the feel you are use to.

Poison made by Predator is a great cue in your price range and they have the stiff hit you are use to. You can also go with a Viking or Lucasi.

I do not have much experience with the Viking but a fellow AZ'er just did a review and they sound promising. The Lucasi is an awesome cue and you and the Zero Flex Point shaft is amazing...

Good Luck:thumbup:


My first cue was a Mcdermott and I loved it. I did just get a custom RAT cue and am now loving that.


Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to pool in general I've been playing for about a year and a half I'm a pretty good player though and will be playing in a league soon so I'm looking for a good cue for under $200. I was looking at the Viking V103 and wondering if this is a good que or another cue would be better. Also the weight I was thinking probably 18.5 would that be good for so wine new like myself. I normally try and play with an 18 or 19 oz cue at the bar. One more question in how is the feel and everything to a cue like this compared to one that I would use at a bar.

Thanks for your guys help I look forward to readying the responses

aww new player huh? ok since your new to pool i will give you an amazing deal. i have a custom viking signed by earl strickland that i dont use,since i dont use it i will sell it to you very cheap,but you will need to rap it. its perfectly straight and comes with a 2x2 cause. since you're new i will also give you a pro shot gloves with it,a gloves that help your stroke by stoping wrist movement. i'll give you everything for 300$


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I was thinking of getting a Viking for my new cue, but I ended up getting a Poison. I have no idea how Viking cues play, but I've heard lots of good stuff about them. Though you might want to add 40-70$ to get one with a Vikore shaft(The new shaft standard on all 200$ and up models).