New Predator Pro Pool School in Virginia


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Predator Pro Pool School in Norfolk, Virginia May 5-6, 2003

At Shooters 757-853-8900

July 28-29, 2003

$750 a student (limited to first 18)

$725 for APA Members(must provide APA Member #)

Imagine getting instruction from 3 world class UPA professionals for 2 full

intense days! Because of the help of industry sponsors the school is available

at 1/2 of the normal costs!

If you want to play like the pros you have to get into their heads and think

like they do.

You must learn their every move for every situation. Learn what to do when there

is no shot. Analyze and execute like the pros. And of course practice and

prepare like the pros do.

Here's your chance! Our instructors are not only great teachers but world class

top ranked professionals.

The Instructors:

Johnny Archer- 4 time World Champion and 4 time Player of the Year. One of the top legendary players of the game. Johnny hit the tour scene when he was 17 and started his dominance at the age of 22 winning the World Championships and has never looked back. Johnny has been voted player of the decade during the 90's and is sure to be in the Hall of Fame one day. Johnny will give you his perspective on shotmaking and let you in to his near mystical style of breaking.

UPA Ranking: #1

Johnny will be covering such subjects as :

-shot making

-jump shots

-patterns & running out

-finesse shots

-power breaking

-practicing & preparation

-mental attitude

Mika Immonen- 2001 World Champion and recently won the Mosconi Cup with Team Europe on ESPN. Also defeated Efren Reyes for the Philippines Invitational this past November. Mika has established himself as a staple on the pro scene despite his young age and many experts agree that he is one of the most consistent players on tour. With offensive firepower that is near unmatched, Mika backs it up with ice in his veins. Mika will show you his systems for banking and kicking your way out through a tough rack of 9-Ball.

>UPA Ranking: #5


>Mika will be covering such subjects as :

>-shot making

>-jump shots



>-patterns & running out

>-finesse shots

>-cut breaking

>-physical conditioning and preparation

>-mental discipline

Charlie Williams- 2002 BCA Open Champion as shown on ESPN. 2001 US Mosconi Cup Winner. 2001 Turning Stone Invitational and 2x Florida Tour Player of the Year . From winning the BCA Junior Nationals at age 14, to becoming one of the top players in the world today at age 26, Williams has garnered the respect of his fellow pros on and off the table. Williams maintains an impressive schedule of running his own pool events and presiding over the UPA Men’s Pro Tour while still maintaining a top 10 ranking . Charlie will give you his insight on how to get the most out of limited practice time and still have the mental ability to win against great players.

UPA Ranking: #9

>Charlie will cover areas such as:

>-shot making

>-safety play

>-power stroking

>-patterns & running out


>-speed practicing

>-mental toughness

On top of the 2 days of instruction, students will get bonuses such

as tickets to the Predator Challenge Match between Johnny Archer and

Mika Immonen after Day 1 of the Predator Pro Pool School and also a

special Student Tournament at the conclusion of Day 2 including a

new Predator Cue for the winner and other prizes from our sponsors.

Limited to the first 18 students (groups of 6 will rotate from each

teacher every 2 1/2 hours)

15 hours of total instruction plus a 1 hour lunch break with the

pros each day.

The last schools in Boston, Roanoke, VA & Philadelphia, PA garnered rave reviews !

Hear what some of our students have to say:

" Just a personal antidote about my husband, Ray, who took your first school. He was an APA skill level seven but was very inconsistent. One week he would play almost like an A player and another week like someone who was significantly weaker than an 7. He was stuck and had been for quite a time.

When your first school came available I strongly encouraged him to go to your school. I told him that if he got one tip from each pro only and something he saw a pro was doing worked for him, then it was well worth the money.

Well, he got way more from each pro than that and because of your school, it bumped him to the next level. Ever since then he has been playing super, better and with great consistency.

I think that anyone who is very good but having a hard time going up that next level would greatly benefit from your school.

Selfishly, I hope that you can keep having this school because I would like to take it myself when I get to be a respectable pool player.

Thanks for what you and the other pros are offering to us."

Laura Woodford

"Thank you so very much for running the pool school last week in Chelmsford,
MA. I can't begin to express my gratitude.

The entire time. What can I say.... It was awesome.

My game has shown little progress over that last 6 months. Attending your
school has rocketed me out of my "learning rut" that I was in. It has
without a doubt has taken my game to a higher level.

I must tell you. I use your 1/4 ball, 1/2 ball and 3/4 ball hits for banking
almost all the time. It's great to walk up to a shot and not have to guess,
It's etched in my brain. "Oh, this is easy, It's a 1/4 ball hit," and WOW, it
goes right in.

Power breaking is awesome now. It seemed so basic before. But know, I can
break very very hard and I'm not worried about the cue-ball flying off the

Tony's two rail kicks system is great. I've used it in most of my matches.
His energy and Positive Mental attitude has helped my mental game to a high

Karen allowed us to really think when at the table. It was so basic, her theme of
allowing the cue ball to follow the natural path, and not to fight the table.

Watching the 3 of your play with so much confidence was "mind blowing." As a
result, I now feel, when I go to the table, my shots too will go in. Such
confidence. Thanks so much.

Charlie, I want to thank you again. I'm forever indebted to you for
everything you shared with me. "


Dominic Femino

"Dear Mr. Williams, Mr. Robles, & Mr. Souquet,

As a student at the 2003 Predator Pro Pool School, I want to thank you for your outstanding instructional efforts and the long hours that you so graciously afforded us to make the experience productive, enlightening, and memorable.

Every student I talked with was very pleased with the school and the professional instruction offered.

It was indeed a pleasure and privilege to meet and work with you.

Best wishes and success in your careers and in life! "

Thank you so very very much,

Joe Hardesty

For joining or more information please contact Phil Muller

at 540-420-1056 or 321-276-3967 or e-mail at

Be sure to come before the school and attend our pro tournament on July 26-27 for The 3rd Annual Scorpion Peninsula Open starring Johnny Archer, Cory Deuel, Mika Immonen, Nick Varner, & Charlie Williams!! Call Shooters at 757-853-8900 for more details.


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Hay what happen to Tony Robles form Ny? I hear he was the best teacher in the first one you had .Sorry Tony will not be there for this one. O well next time i hope ...