New sticks, back in action, same stroke lol! Jk


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So, about a week or so ago I bought 6 cues and some cases. I hadn't actually hit A BALL in Mayne 3 or 4 months, and that time I played by myself for maybe 15 minutes. 3 or 4 months between shooting anything seems to have been the nor, last several years - no joke. So yes, I could not possibly be more out of stroke.... or could i??? Truth is I've never really practiced and all. It's totally could terms productive homestly. If I'm not Gamblin for something at least half way decent but especially if I'm " practicing by myself I completely loose interest in about 5 minutes and end up trying 5 and 6 rail shots or just go of in off in general.

With that being said, I am kinda lucky . .. kinda. Not that I play at a high level or anything cause I truly do not, but my stroke has always been fairly consistent even after years away from playing. Now yes of course I do need a little practice but basically after a couple of hours it's back. So, after buying these cues I kinda got the itch to play some. I've been running around with a good buddy of mine that also plays pool. He was a little better in 9 ball than me ( I never really play it - mostly one hole and at that we are pretty even - may even even I have a slight advantage ). Anyway we've been playing cards almost every night and about a week ago when I bought these cues we decided to take a day off from cards and try the cues out ( I did check themy out in person but did not hit with themy before purchasing ). We went down a pool hall. Now he doesn't really practice either, pretty much money only. We don't really gamble cause we are friends but we do gamble friendly - $20, 50, maybe $100 a set just so we both try. Well he gave me the 8 ball...... and kicked the ever loving sh.... well you get it. No biggie. We did try all the cues out and I decided which one was gonna be my player.

Fast forward to today, well technically last night but I just got home so I'm still on yesterday time lol. He took me to his pool room where he knows how everyone plays. The idea was to get me in a cheap game to get a " workout " or whatever you wanna call it but I desperately needed it in 9 ball. Anyway, he found a guy that supposedly plays just a bit above me and likes to play $25 sets lololol. Yeah right lol! Well he told me dude plays very cheap but will lose $300, 400 a session if you can beat him and as bad as I am playing I had no business playing for any kind of real money. I had to agree on the last part. Well, the line was I needed the 8 to be an even game. So we were introduced, and he was told by several folks he needed to give me the 8 ( including one of his friends that know me ). NOPE. No heart , just as suspected. Will only play even, shocking right? Well being I got heart I said get up even son, but bet more than $25.

Nope, needs the nuts and won't bet barely more than what time is lol. So I said the hell with it. Well he wins the first set to 5 handily. Btw, a bunch of folks told him he was stealing. The next set I got very lucky with a 9 break , a couple 5 rail cheeses ando hill hill he dogged like the 8 or something so now we're even. So now he's feeling pretty good about everything and asks me if I wanna raise the bet. Why yes I do, let's go to 5 for $500 I say. Sorry, I JUST CAN NOT FADE $25 SETS honestly. He says yes, then a quick JK 😠 He does say hell go for $50 though. Ok, whatever. He wins. Next set I start getting a little bit of my stroke back and I win. Even. Now he says you wanna raise the bet again? Why yes, yes I do thank you very much. What would you like to do? Now he says $100. Ok, let's go.

Now I can't say for sure if it was because I had hit some balls in competition or if because a c note was up, but I hit " a gear lol " and won. Next set I shifted into another gear and pretty much destroyed him I believe 5-1. Anyway, didn't play too bad for the $100 sets and it felt kind da good cause may have been years at this point. Feel kinda bad too, my buddy actually didn't tale any of the rail action cause he was certain I was in a bad game, that's OK though cause I did pick up the rail action 😊. Can't really say next time ever I will play but still kinda da got the itch so may be sooner than later. I really wanted to play one pocket but no one would play me so I got stuck play in 9 ball. If I can get back in regular form I do have a couple people already lined up. I got offered a $5000 set last week, but it's from a real strong player and I Def need to be in for for that. Couple other folks in line too -- like normal.