New to me Gold Crown II


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Can someone verify or correct the following.
GC1 - GC4 USA made
GC5 - South America made
GC6 - China made
Thankyou :)
From what I've seen posted before was mid production and on GC3's were not USA made. Could be remembering it wrong though


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Love it.
There is no difference between the install of Brunstone or Slate :)
There is actually a HUGE difference in the install.... Brunstone requires considerably more shims, to get it flat. The shim spacing can be much further apart with slate, than it can Brunstone.


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Whats this look like?


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Yes they did, and yes they were. In fact, the first GC3's had the exact same cushions as the 1's had, and were pin&dowel Brunstone as well.
Hope this doesn't derail the OP's thread.
What was the purpose of pinned slates?
Simply alignment along the length of the table?

I've seen cut off pins.


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I'd leave the feet alone, yes I think some had chrome feet, maybe ones with white legs. I think those are copper plated, if you get aggressive you will go through the plating. If you need to clean them I'd do it chemically, paint stripper for example wont hurt the plating, you can boil them if they have paint on them. any scraping or sanding or anything aggressive I would avoid.

none of the tables above show the corner pockets fully assembled, if there is a metal part right on the corner hiding the bucket, that might match?

If you are really fussy any shop that does chrome plating can likely do copper, and you might even do that at home. the thing with any sort of plating process is it will show anything like scratches from sanding whereas paint can hide that. Before chrome the metal is normally buffed shiny.

sure you can simulate it with paint but it'll scratch..

much like hinges on doors, I think its a fairly thin copper plating, and Since it's old and a bit collectable I'd leave them as they are, even if they are a bit worn or tarnished.

looks like you have a laminate floor so that might be ok , you can make sure the floor is able to support that weight. If you want a rug you might put it down now. I'm just setting up one on my antique fir softwood floors and dont want a bunch of round dents so I found a great big and rather thin rug to put down first.
I guess you could cut holes for the feet but I wouldn't worry unless it is something like a thick shag rug. thing is you can put runners and things after if you like but if you put a cheap rug you can always cut it away. hard to put anything there after. runners can be trip hazards, I might find my rug gets messed up but I'll start that way. like in a workplace you will spend lots of time there and any cushion helps the feet and back a bit, hard surfaces cause more fatigue. concrete floors aren't really great to stand on for long periods unless your shoes have enough rubber.