old cortland linen new supply?


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i email cortland line's customerservice recently about the line used by cuemakers for cues. this is what i received back:
Hey Woody,
We probably still make it? If not, we can. Send me a sample to:
Cortland Line Company Inc.
3736 Kellogg Rd.
Cortland, NY 13045
Attn: Jeff Ackroyd
Industrial Sales Manager Include your phone # Thanks, Jeff

i don't personally need $300-well maybe), $3,000, or $30,000 worth of this line but maybe a coordinated purchase may be feasible? . i am talking about the old white with green linen used years ago. anybody got a sample to send him/ i will send him a sample of the abercrombie and fitch(most likely a private label made by cortland) white with blue specks line i have that is identical to the wrap on the palmer/brunswick cue wrap that was recently sold on ebay.
someone at cortland had said earlier they could probably duplicate line if they had some to dissect(their words) AND could get the raw materials.
i am just throwing this out. i don't have time to deal with this but thought some of this forum may be interested in this.