Omega /DPK 59" Cue


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I have bought probably 2 hundred cues over the years while keeping the best in my collection. This one ranks in the top 5 cues I ever hit a ball with, maybe top 2 or 3. Within hitting 5 or 6 balls I knew it was special right away! I took it out of the house once only for a tournament where another player heard it and walked over asking who made it. Cue has that distinctive ping/ type sound to it with macarta ferrules. I put it up and into one of my display cases ever since years ago. Cue was built by Mike Bender in 89-90 and the 2nd batch of cues early on. Has the unique flared butt cap, piano keys ring work and original joint protectors. Cue was refinished by Proficient Billiards in 2000. I see 1 ferrule has 2 possible hairline cracks, cant's feel or really tell but like 2 faint blue lines. does not effect play. Shafts have the old moori tips as well. 15.6 oz, both shafts 3.8oz at 12.9mm. Price is firm, no trades please. $2200 SOLD! Shipping included, if paypal add the 3% or send F&F Comes with the original JP's.


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