One-Pocket Open ShootEmUp* June 22

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Hump ? What HUMP ?
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Planet 9-Ball will be holding a One Day Only One-Pocket ShootEmUp* in Tampa on June 22nd
( *ShootEmUp = Anytime five or more balls cross the headstring <are in the kitchen>, they will spot up immediately....

Limited to the first 32 players present & paid. This is a $20 entry, $100 Added, Single Elimination Tournament.
Best Two out of Three - First Two Rounds
Races to Three - for Final 8 Players
Top 8 Spots Paid With a Full Field


Sign up & Practice starts 11:00 a.m.
Mandatory Players Meeting 11:30 a.m.
Tournament Starts At NOON
Timed matches


!Smorgass Bored

Hump ? What HUMP ?
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____Since I've posted online, put up some flyers and passed out some flyers concerning the upcoming One-Pocket ShootEmUp* (*anytime that five or more balls cross the headstring {are in the kithchen}, they 'spot up'immediately), I've gotten some comments locally, pooh-poohing the idea.
____I'd like some feedback from some of the one pocket players here, but FIRST, I'd like you actually play some games with that rule (or at least see how often that rule comes up and what you think the outcome of that rule would be if you're playing 'conventional one pocket [would it cause you to win or lose} ).
____We (some of the P-9-Ball players) have been playing this way for a few months and find that it seldom comes up. I'm using this rule to 'attempt' to speed up the game in order to complete a one pocket tournament in the alloted time (a field of 32 comprises 5 rounds) of fifteen hours. We start at noon and MUST be through by closing of 3:00 a.m. In games where it DOES come up, we try to 'strategically' play the 'spotting up of the balls' and the cueball leave. I'm trying to come up with a format that will allow the completion of a one day, 32 player field, in order to hold monthly one-pocket tournaments.

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