Opine Letter to IPT supporters......


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< Should the IPT put the money on the light?
< If the IPT goes to hell in a hand basket would pool be any worse off than it was two years ago?
< If the IPT grows up to be strong will you let the nay-sayers/pessimists/doomsters/worrywarts play with your toys...LOL
< Does it bother you that 'THOSE IN THE KNOW' really don't seem to know?


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Smorgass Bored said:
I don't know the answer to those questions, but since so many women (like Mrs. Mike Sigel) are now getting involved in the fray, I'm going to start wearing some pants while eating my spectator popcorn in AZB.....

(still on the fence.... but leaning)

Well, obviously Mike would not or could not speak for himself, but he might said, 'Honey, you know that cruise you always wanted to go on, well if you will .....'.... lol The tour should issue some type of announcement publicly.