Opinion's needed.......new local cue builder


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A frend of mine started doing tips, ferrule's and routine repair work a few years ago and has now started putting some cue's together. This is basically the first batch other than a few jump break cues he did a while back. Any and all criticism whether its good or bad would be appreciated.

The first two cues on the left are jump break's and he has started using the Samsara tips and they break and jump very well. The next four cue's were made from 4 and 8 point blanks. My camera has not been the best lately and the pictures didnt come out as well as I had planned but they are good enough for some insight or idea's. Also, in the near future I will be listing some of his cue's for sale as he gets them completed.


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Here is some more work he has done. This is a 90's model Joss that was converted over to a 3/8x11 pin from a steel joint.

The bottom pic of the 3 Predator cues have had the pins changed to a 3/8x11 and an ivory ring added to the uniloc cue.


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Both the bacote sneakies looks really good. I really like the one with brown collars. :thumbup:


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Who is it and where is he from? i live in kokomo and wouldnt mind using a in state cue maker for work..........i'm also in the market here soon hopefully for a j/b and a refinished

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Put me down for a J/B.
I'm about tired of farkin with 3 cues, and zippered pockets, and screwing and unscrewing, etc. etc....

an after-thought. Is the jump joint a quick release, or 11 like the shaft?
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New local cue builder

I have seen all these cues they are very fine craftmanship and have seen some of them in action shooting and the jump cues are second to none .>>>>> dan axe old school petes


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Here is the latest cue he has done. It has 4 cocobolo points and a maple handle with ringwork in 4 locations.


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