Opinions on Jensen jump/break cue


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What's y'all's opinion on a Jensen j/b. I live here in Baton Rouge, where Mike is located, but have not seen or heard of anyone in the area that has one to try it. Or to even give a fair honest opinion about one.


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I never have used one, but am of the opinion that a dedicated jump cue and a dedicated break cue/shaft is the way to go.

I’ve tried several and and none jump as well as my LUCASI although, admittedly, jumping is my weakest link.

My breaker is a PREDATOR BK shaft used on a PREDATOR steel joint sneaky.

My $0.02, YMMV


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In order for you to get the correct answer to your question- a responder will have to be someone here who is very proficient at breaking and jumping, in addition they would have to have tried a Jensen J/B and in addition to that, they would have also tried various other individual break cues, jump cues, and other combination J/B cues.

So that would be the only group here who have true hands on experience in order to answer your question effectively. Opinions from anyone who has not actually done all of the above are just a guess.


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I had one probably 10 years ago while in college. I really liked it at the time for its uniqueness. It had a purple heart (I think) shaft and ostrich wrap. I traded it and a plain Jane Jensen I had for a fancy Jensen I still have (and the guy lost both cues within a week). Best jump break combo I have used. But have a Danny Spates jump cue that I think is the best jump cue in the world. And have broken with some players break cues that hit very solid. The Jensen had a phenolic tip and I think I just don’t care for them. If you can get one for 500 or so I would buy it and keep it if you like it. I have barely seen any of them available. Mike used to go to Bayou a lot, he may have one you can play with to try out.