Osarah Cues finished by Pete Tascarella


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Osarah finished by Pete Tascarella

Most of you haven't heard of Osarah Custom Cues nor of Lou Ochoa from Hesperia, California although you should since Lou used to build absolutely fantastic cues in every way. His workmanship was second to none as playability of his cue is too.
He used to work for Tim Padgett and later he started building his own cues that mostly had old school type of look. Construction techniques he used make his cues play that great along with meticulous work.
After he stopped building cues I was fortunate to buy some of unfinished cues he had in his shop and this was one of the best moves that I did since I started collecting cues.
This is one of those cues and there was no better decisions than to send it to Pete Tascarella.
It came out absolutely perfect as what always happens when you work with Pete.

Beautiful pieces of woods, all have 3/8x10 ivory joints.
Thank you Lou for these beauties. They are absolutely gorgeous and couldn't be happier.

Enjoy the pics!


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Yes, even Pete talked highly about them. He wouldn't be willing to finish them if they were not perfect!