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I am done, my eyesight because of my health is shot. I can no longer play well enough for it to be fun. I need some help getting rid of my last cues, and have priced accordingly. I need the cash also so please don't take advantage of an already good thing. Thanks, and here is cue 1.

7 hills Custom ( while he may be fairly new he is very very good )
Amboyna burl and ebony w/ 2 shafts. I don't know if the pics show well enough but while both shafts are excellent, one is exceptional. I lost count at 21 when tryin to count lines on shaft. These hit a ton and this cue and my Lee Peppers were supposed to never get sold but here we are.
Butt 15.8
Shafts 3.7
Total 19.5 oz.

Wrap is leather and you have to look very hard to find seam.VERY.............

4 point with veneers of ebony and silver/natural (looks silver)
points are 99% even. All white has grain, but IDK what it is. Is drilled and ready for weight bolt, but does not have one. Priced very inexpensive at 500.00 shipped. Butt is perfectly straight and 1 shaft has non issue taper roll. Very nice cue that hits as good as my Peppers.

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