Palmer Cues Wanted


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Wanted - Palmer Cues - Dead, Alive, or barely breathing.

I am a collector not a dealer, an end-user looking for cues from the first, second, and third catalogs. I will consider anything from perfect original to banged-up user to broken/damaged for parts.

I am interested in Palmers regardless of condition, as well as parts if you have anything.

Not all Palmers carry identification. If you are unsure whether or not your cue is a Palmer, I can identify it from a picture.

If you have a Palmer for sale or have a lead on one, send me a PM.

Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for your leads.


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Kevin Lindstrom

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Jay my friend from my pool league still has his cue if you are interested. I believe I had sent some pictures to you awhile back. If interested I will get you pictures again.