Performing On Cue: Two professional pool sharks call Ava home


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Darren Everett of Ava

By Doug Berger

In February of this year, former Ava resident Darren Everett, won his fourth Missouri State 9-Ball Championship beating out 102 other players. Everett, now an Ozark area resident, was a 1976 graduate of Ava High School.

He developed his love of pool at an early age while helping out his dad, Dorn Everett, manage Ava’s local pool hall in the 1970’s. He won his first tournament at the Sugar Shack in Ava at 16.



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I went to a teensy town to play a local bar table tournament in Missouri. It was a decent entry and about 5 hours from my house so I thought it would be a fun road trip.

Of course I drew Darren first and was introduced to how pool is played in small town Missouri!

I lost and then went to the loser's side for a few matches and was out.

Great tournament and I'd go play it again if I could.