Personally most annoying thing in pool.


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There are a couple of people I play with at my local room and most of the time I decline if I'm by myself and someone I don't know asks if I want to play. Today I was practicing by myself, had already been doing that about 4 hours, and I made the dumb mistake of saying OK when some guy asked if I wanted to play some 8-ball.

This guy spends at least 20 minutes talking for every 5 minutes of pool playing even when I keep telling him it's his shot. He can't talk and shoot at the same time. When it's his shot that's his cue to walk up to the cueball and start talking. Jesus wept!
How about the guy that sticks his hand in the pocket when he thinks his cue ball is headed for a scratch, then pulls his hand out at the last possible second and you never really know for sure if his hand kept the ball from dropping - totally bush league move that no TD would stand for.

Or how about the opponent that never sits down while you’re shooting, working his way all around the table while you are running out, occasionally grabbing the chalk from the table to chalk his cue, waiting for you to miss and for his next turn at the table, which hopefully he will never get!
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