Piloted shafts


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Buying a carbon fiber shaft that will be piloted because the cue that I'm putting it on has piloted shafts. However, after thinking about it I wish I had ordered it as a flat face shaft so it could be used on an assorted group of cues that may be incompatible with this particular pilot. Is there a legitimate downside to having the pilot machined off? I apologize if this subject/question has been previously covered.


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I build mostly flat faced joints and have cut the pilot off many carbon fiber shafts and predator shafts to fit my cues.
I has not cause any problems so far.

Michael Webb

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The majority of the brass inserts I use in my shafts on piloted joints have a longer head to them so they go into the shafts. This way if I have to make one flat faced, it still has a head instead of seeing the threads.


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not necessary......... I have made flat faced joints for shafts and replaced piloted shafts.......... never a problem