Please help with your opinions on who this cue might be made by?


I found a cue at an auction tonight.. and it is driving me crazy already. It has four points... sharp enough to inject penicillin.. baby blue outer lines and inner... with alternating light maple and rosewood? inlays between the lines.

The balance is 18 1/2 inches.
Ferrule length - 15/16ths
12.75 mm tip
cue is 57 inches long from the bumper to the tip.
brass pin
steel joint
no makers markings I can find
No weight bolt
From tip of pin to butt end of the shaft is 28 7/8ths inches
irish linen wrap 11 1/2 inches

I am hoping the pictures I am going to try to include may give some additional insight... All discussion and suggestions will be greatly appreciated in advance..

thank you.


trying the pics now.


I guess I should mention that 2 of the four points are a little longer than the other two... they are next to each other.. so, 2 long - 2 short(er)

sorry again for the multiple posts.
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Thank you! I paid next to nothing... and thought I might have had a find... Its ugly and beaten up, and I spent several hours trying to clean it up.. it had a push on ferrule that had cracked and ben repaired with a rubber band... the irish linen had been colored with a magic marker...and the butt has been sanded, but the shaft hadnt.

I wanted to check with the experts before I loaded it up with me to go visit with Bill Hoyt this week.

If it was worth it fixing.. I was gonna have him fix it.. but it looks like I have one for the kids to use.. LOL

Thanks again for the input!



I made the case .. I am glad you like it... I have about three others to make still... each is made for the individual and personalized... and made out of oak w/ spruce... The one you are looking at has a mahogony finish.. I thought it turned out pretty nice. I didnt really mean to get into making these, but everywhere I go now, someone wants one... I can do about 1-2 a week... the carving takes a little time, and each is unique.

My email is . If you are realy interested, I will be glad to visit with you about what you would like .. ie.. #butts/#shafts / name or design ideas you would like carved in...

Thanks.. :thumbup: