Pool Hall Photos From All Over.


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Kansas, 1955. Don't you just wish you could go sit there for a few hours to listen to the stories & the share the laughs? The boys in the back are polishing their snooker game just in time for the saturday afternoon golf game. The guys up front are getting ready for the friday night card game.



No I don't.

If I walked in there alone, being non-white would have likely ended in an unpleasant night. Times have changed, for the better.


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Hey Jam, I started to play pool in 1966 and girls were not allowed then either. Even if they had been they would have taken one look at the stinky bathroom and ran out the door! LOL, it was the same place Jimmy Reid grew up playing in, shoe shine parlor in the front and all.

Back in the late '70s, early '80s, a road player named Geese and I went on the road down south. The first stop was in Petersburg, Virginia. There was a pool hall that was in an old wooden building with a big front porch. On the front door was a big sign that said "No Women Allowed."

I walked right in there with Geese, carrying my case. We didn't get any action, therefore didn't stay long, but I was proud that I had the nerve to walk in there as a woman. :grin-square:

When I was 16 years old, I went to a boarding school in Wickatunk, New Jersey. It was out in the country. The nearest town was Matawan, a real small town. On the front door of the drug store in Matawan was a sign that said "No Hippies Allowed."

If only I had a camera back then for those two front doorways. Priceless and a part of history! :smile:


Thanks for posting everyone!!!

This is the most amazing thread ever!!!

On a side note, when I saw the pics of "The Garage" in Seattle it brought back the horrible memory of my Joss (Thomas Wayne design) with initials on it as well as my AMAZING green, suede, Justice case getting stolen there in 2000. Still no luck.....

I'm still offering a reward for it if anyone has info. Thanks!!


Keep up the pics!!! I'll add some as soon as I get them uploaded to the laptop.


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Looks like Downtown Vancouver, long long time ago.

Seymour Billiards?
..I was there once when I was a kid.
Played lowball in a lotta card clubs from LA all the way up the coast...
...playing 5-card stud in Vancouver table stakes...asked the dealer mid-hand
.."Do you have to bet a pair?"
The dealer said I could do anything I wanted.
I shoved my chips and everybody folded....I had crap.
The dealer said he never saw that move before.


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Diamond Billiards Room, Lancaster, PA - 1993-2003

20 table room






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The Traphouse

4380 E. Main Columbus OH


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This is the inside of Snooker's pool room in Providence, Rhode Island.

They host the annual Ocean State Championship, and each winner gets a banner with his/her name on it to hang from the ceiling forever more. There's Tony Robles' banner up front. Ginky has won this tournament several times. :wink:

HOLD UP!!! My coach has a cue that was given to him by Tony Robles. My understanding is it's a Balabushka. It's a nice cue. Coach can shoot AWESOME with a fairly straight broomstick so it hardly matters. Regardless you don't see many of them around.

Thanks for the post!
Love this thread too:grin-square:


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