Pool halls with multiple diamond tables?


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No, they had four long before the snooker table arrived.

Ok lets get this right.
When they first opened they had 4 9 foot tables.
They took one 9 foot table out to make room for the snooker table.
Then they put the 9 foot table back after a short time of having only 3 9 footers.
Now there are 4 9 foot tables and a 12 foot snooker table.
And as a side note there is a 10 foot or so long cue on the snooker table made by Ernie Martinez.


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KK Billiards in Appleton - 5 9 foot Diamonds, and well over 20 7 foot Diamonds.

The Carom Room in Beloit.

Romines High Pockets in Milwaukee - an ungodly amount of tables from loose 7s to very tight 9s.

The Magnet, Varsity Club, KK Green Bay are other places as well.

Red Shoes in Joliet.

Chris's Billiards in Chicago.
I thought Chris's was mainly Gold Crowns -- did they swap out??


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Lacy's Cue in NOLA I'm at the bar right now and I'm staring at 15 9ft Diamonds and 15 7ft a diamonds. Great pool hall.

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Pockets in Tucson, AZ.

Pockets on South Wilmot in Tucson, AZ. Has 5 Diamond ProAm 9's and 4 Diamond 7's, in addition they have 5 Gold Crowns and 2 Valley bar boxes. They host AWBT and Diamond Pool Tours events.


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Chris's Billiards

Chris's Billiards, Chicago, has 8 - 7ft and 2 - 9ft and I believe planning to get 2 more 9 ft.


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Gradys Pool Hall in lexington, sc Has 8 9'Diamond tables, 1 is single shimmed, 1 is double shimmed, They also have 5 7' Diamond tables and 7 7'valley tables.

Rumor that they may get rid of all the valleys and replace them with diamonds. Just a rumor, and no time table on them doing it.


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Finally someone just brought in some Diamond bar tables (it's a start) on Oahu, he plans on bringing in plenty more but it's hard to get people to change in Hawaii. TJ's on Kapiolani has 3 and another place has 2 of them, not much but it's a start.


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Having just moved to Austin, I'm happy to hear this. Skinny Bob's seems like the best room around but the smoke was pretty brutal when I visited on a league night. Are they planning to put some big tables in the non-smoking side, too?

I'll be at Sunday's tourney if anyone wants to say Howdy.

From what I heard, it will be only bar tables. They will also have shuffleboard and a ping pong table. Hope you had fun at the tournament. I haven't been the regular there lately that I used to be.


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Kickshots in Florence Kentucky. 4-9 foot Diamonds, 6 (I think) 7 footers and one Diamond bar box in front


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The new room in my hood " Brews & Cues " has what like 9 (?) Diamond bar boxes now, and the whole second floor they are currently building out will house all Diamond fullsizes.

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Bumpers Billiards in Huntsville Alabama…. Fantastic place… I played there last week and was really impressed with the tables.

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Diamond Billiards and Sports Bar in Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester, has seven 9' Pro/Am's and eight 7' Pro/Am's. They plan on adding at least one more 9' table and possibly as many as three. Great new ownership by a long time person on the Rochester pool scene. Formerly Classic Billiards for you pool room historians.