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I would like info. on these movies. I would like to view, rent or buy a copy of these pictures. Poolhall Junkies 2002, Stickmen 2001, Running Out 2001, ] all billiard movies. Any help in locating them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kenny W. P.S. Also , The PLAYER
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Poolhall Junkies will be released in the US on DVD and Video Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003. Preorders are available NOW on our website: www.billiardboys.com The release had been pushed back a couple of times, but this should be the final confirmed release date.

The last delay was because the cover art that HBO recently designed was completely rejected by the studio and the actors. The rejected art DVD was distributed in late June as a screener for video stores in scaled-down format (lower picture resolution, basic stereo sound). This screener version is sometimes available on eBay, and it might be quite collectible since HBO produced so few. The VHS is currently priced for rental only -- it'll be reduced for retail/sell-thru by around November/December.

We have lots of officially licensed Poolhall Junkies items for sale on our website, and every DVD purchased comes with a free quarter-sheet version-A poster. We also have several autographed PHJ items, but we're undecided on how to offer those right now. Enjoy the movie!
-- Darren Mitchell, Billiard Boys L.L.C.

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Chciagoland is awaiting the Pool Hall Junkies items. You should take a booth at the Midwest Billiard Expo where 1000 APA members will be shooting pool and a full field of 8 and 9 ball players of non stop action for 4 days. Great way to promote the movie and sell the product.
Contact Bob at midwestexpo@aol.com for all the info.