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I have a question when someone mentions what type of table they have the same answers keep poping up GC, Olhausen, Diamond but what I want to know is why nobody ever mentions the brunswick metro table, lets face its the most modern looking table i've seen and wouldn't look out of place in any home and the pros swear by it.

Would just like peoples opinions.


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it's a well constructed table but most people don't like the way the rails arch out in the center. The Gold crown has been the staple of brunswicks pool hall and tournament tables. It is easy to set up and maintain. A lot of people are down on brunswick products these days so you'll definately here more of diamond, olehausan.


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One of the reasons most people don't mention the table is because we already have a table and those were not available at the time of our purchase. The other is most of us are not in the market to buy a new style just to have one and there are a lot of good used tables for sale that happen to be GC or Diamond. Plus many like the old traditional look of pool.


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Aren't those selling for like $15,000? It's a nice looking table for a modern house or an upscale business venue, but wouldn't fit most people's decor or budget. Even if money were no object, I wouldn't get one because I like a simpler design. I like playing on GCs but would never buy one of those either. I like real wood rails and drop pockets with wooden legs. I kind of like the tables I've seen the women play on, don't know the model or maker, but they have really wide, slightly curved light maple rails. Narrow rails like the ones I have give less options for bridging. Oops, I guess I was talking about the Metro while I thought you were talking about the Manhattan. Still, the rails are laminated instead of solid hardwood and metal corners are hard on cues when you bang them while breaking. But overall a pretty good-looking table. My tastes still run to a simpler design. Give me square legs anyday. As long as the table is level and the cloth is fast, I'm happy. I was looking throught their website (Brunswick) and didn't find much that really appeals to me. I guess the Transitional or European styles would be more my taste. Wouldn't want big feet or the supports that run the length of the table underneath on the floor. I do end up kicking the legs on my square legged table quite a bit, so maybe something with a tapered leg would be better.
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