Pool World Loses Another Good One-"H. Danielson"

Keith McCready

Pro Player
Received a copy of an e-mail from Paul Poutier [Pool School in Paradise in Canada] as follows:

"...I have some bad news. Harold Danielson died this morning.
He was very sick and had been confined to a hospital bed
since the middle of March. He was a Hemophiliac and ended
up with a non curable disease called Secondary Amyloid. He
met with the doctors last Thursday. They informed him that
he would never be well enough to leave the hospital.
Harold was tired of being in the hospital and asked the
doctors to take him off all life support. Many of his
closest and oldest friends came to see him during his last
few days. He was well loved and will be missed by many

"H. Danielson" was a poster here at AzBilliards:
Picture Courtesy of Pool Pics by Hoppe-Harold Danielson, Mike Massey, and Cliff Thorburn

My heart goes out to his family and all of his friends. May he rest in peace.

Kerry Impson

Former player
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Harold was a wonderful person and a staunch supporter of this great sport - one of the true gems of humanity. Pool is much poorer for the loss of Harold, and so are all of us. Rest in peace, my friend.


AzB Silver Member
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Harold was a great guy who went out of his way to promote pool here locally in Vancouver and I'm sure other places as well.He was really easy to approach and talk to.A lot of local players were saddened by his passing.The pool world could really use more Harolds, may he rest in peace, RJ