Poorboy Billiards of Houston - a fiery cocobolo sneaky pete


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hey guys i'm new to AzBilliards but have been playing pool seriously for a couple years now. i wanted to share some pics i shot of my first real cue, a cocobolo sneaky pete made by Mark of Poorboy Billiards. I purchased this in the fall last year and it has served its purpose very well :)

(i wrote my screenname on it before he clearcoated it..i've had this name for almost 10 years)


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Sweet cue.....what is that a photo Studio? :p

Here's mine. It's not too bad looking. I've owned around 4-5 and all play great and consistent.


Poorboy billiards.....281-788-2521

I don't try and promote him here because it sounds like hype whenever someone says things great about a unknown cuemaker. Which I'm sure there are tons. And I bet half of them make great playing cues. But it's good enough for me to play with. But maybe it's just for bangers....:D That's why I like it.



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