Porper Model B

Burnett Custom Cues

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I talked to this guy and he seems to be a really nice guy that is just getting out of the business. If it wasn't so far away and I didn't have my basketball season going on right now, I would probably drive up and buy it.


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geez $5,000 seems a little spendy unless there are tons of extras not sure how old it is either

James Sarenich

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That's what I thought. The number is coming up as
Cliffs Pools & Spas Inc of Hudson WI. That is just on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi river. I do not see the router or its' holder. Also the wrap foot pedal and linen wrap holder. The price is what Mueller's was charging for a new one, if I remember correctly. It will be interesting to see what the Model Bs go for seeing they aren't made anymore.