Prather Fillsplice Ebony into Bocote


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This is another really nice cue built in some nice woods which have become really expensive lately. Bocote has some really nice grains that really pop out. All cue is immaculate and built perfectly.
There is only dent in the forearm which is hardly visible but it didn't hurt the clear coat. It happened in the shipping. The cue is new and unplayed.
In my opinion Jeff is building the best fullsplices in the business and he is still young and learning although is already very well experienced. He is an amazingly talented cuemaker and no reason not to believe he will become even better and will touch the sky and go even further his father did.

Construction: Fullsplice
Woods: Bocote into Ebony
Veneers: 5 in brown, yellow, maple, black and yellow
Hoppe ring
Pin: 3/8x11 brass pin
Weight: 19.4 or 19.5
Shaft: 1 with 13 mm tip
Length: 58 inches
Joint protectors: included
Condition: New

Price: SOLD shipped


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not that my advice is needed
but i remember Prather from back in the 80s when he was working with Verl Horn

Verl's cues have become desirable,
but prather took the cue building to a much higher level

these blanks have been used by so many cue makers

i would bet that half of the cues that people think are Titleist blanks,
are really Prather blanks

which half?
The better half,the ones with points that are very close to even

in short,Prather is a top notch cue maker
look at these cues

these are really nice


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Looks really nice and classy. Love the ebony and bocote combo and I'm not the biggest fan of bocote. :thumbup: