Predator BK1 Shaft 3/8-10


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For Sale is a 30" Predator BK1 Shaft. It has a solid black collar made from a BK1 blank by Seyberts. It still has the original Predator BK1 Leather Tip. There is some minor clear flaking of the finish at the base of the joint, other than that it is perfect condition. Includes joint protector. I am asking $185/shipped in CONUS and payment via PayPal.

Length: 30"
Diameter at Ferrule: 12.75mm
Diameter st Joint: 0.8475
Weight: 3.6oz
Tip: Predator Leather Break





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Trade Offer

Thank you, but I am not interested in a trade for a centennial ball set. I already have a set for my gold crown. Thanks for the offer though.

adam the dragon

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about 3/8/10 predator BK1 shaft

How about this trade a all leather 2x4 or 3x4 (can't remember) but anyways i bought this from a seller on ebay that goes by the name GreenEggLady she makes these cases by hand i was useing for storage nothing else. it's to nice to take out of the house. But let me know. here are some pics of it. It is two tone black with Bison with an eagle on the pouch that can be removed if it not needed. and has a adjustable leather strap./B]


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