Predator cue questions?

Michael Webb

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I just seen a post either on here or FB where a guy was refinishing a Predator cue with points for a buddy but when he started stripping it he found out the points were just painted on and the butt was just one piece of maple.

It was a SP2 cue
I'm not of FB but I heard about that yesterday. It's unfortunate but what you see as the customer, is not necessarily what's inside.
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What's The opinion on the Predator Black and Ikon series cues? I know they are more than likely overpriced.
They are really overpriced imho. Plus side limited runs have very strong resale value. (most of the time the limited runs are made from another manufacture like Jacoby) With that being said Mezz is absolutely on another level than predator. Their united joint has the tighest lock up in the biz imo. I would highly recommend checking out mezz USA see if they have something you like looks wise.


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Ok, I brok down and purchased a predator cue with revo shaft from Nielson’s store. Hopefully I get to try it out this weekend