Predator P2 and Instroke 2x4


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This cue was refinished by Tiger Cues about 7 years ago or so.

One minor ding in the clear at the butt. Honestly it isn't the cleanest, glassiest finish I've seen and it definitely has a bit of warble in the finish, but you gotta be looking for it. It is still a very clean cue for its age especially being my nothing to worry about grab and go daily driver since then.
A bit of blue chalk on the wrap... This was pulled from the case and pictures taken. Admittedly I am an extremely messy player. After a night of playing I look like I've done battle with the chalk more than anything. Leather wrap has only been wiped with a slightly slightly damp cloth so this is a testament to the durability of the wrap and that it doesn't really get impregnated with chalk. I'm sure with some leather cleaning products and if you are a cleaner player than I, this thing would be pristine.

This will drop on eBay this evening with a pretty low starting bid $500 which is about what I spent for the wrap and refinish ($480), so if you want to jump in with an offer before then or check if it has a starting bid, I can always pull the listing. $700

Instroke the same, it will drop this evening at $200... Old stock, old build... Better zippers and toggles.

It's a steal, it's a deal... Make me an offer combined or separate, just thought I'd let y'all first crack.


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