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For those who were interested, here are some pics. The shaft I decided I would let go of has a mark on the ferrule from a tip pic. It gouged it pretty good, but it has been burnished to where you can't feel it at all. It is just cosmetic, and for some reason I couldn't get it to show very well in the pics, but thought everyone should know. The sniper tip hasn't hit more than six balls since it was put on. It is perfectly straight, as is the new butt. The shaft is a 30" predator Z with a black collar w/ silver ring. I was dissapointed in the new butt not only because of the phenolic insert for the pin that I mentioned in the previous thread, but also because the points aren't near as sharp as they were on the older ones. $100 for the butt only, or $225 for the butt and shaft. If you are interested, buyer would pay shipping, and I would prefer pay-pal. I have a feeling this will go fast, so the response with the earliest time stamp will get it unless somebody offers a higher price.


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