Pro with best stroke?


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This was definitely inspired by the thread "pro with worst stroke" and I know it's been talked about before but I thought if we were going to make fun of pro's with ugly strokes it would only be fair if we mentioned some of the players out there that have good strokes. A fluid clean stroke can be a thing of beauty. So who has the best stroke out there in your opinion?

My personal favorite is Steve Davis, his snooker fundamentals really convert well onto the pool table. He stays down on the shot and his head never moves, watching him shoot I sometimes wonder how he ever misses with his nearly flawless fundamentals, there are other players that have a similar stroke with a snooker influence, Manalo, Drago, etc.
These players all have impressive records which have to be in part attributed to their beautiful strokes.

Your thoughts?


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Thorsten Hohmann, in my opinion.
This guy can even jump and pot with a full cue. Without a very good stroke, I doubt that is possible.


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Immonen and Hohmann today. Best I've ever seen was Steve Mizerak.


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Yeah, I'll have to add Shane VanBoening and Corey Deuel to my previous Larry Nevel choice. It's a tough choice between the 3 of them..



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I saw shane play a few years ago at a viking event and wasn't impressed with his stroke.....either he must've gotten better or I missed something.

Edited to add Jeff De Luna to the list, very cool, very filipino stroke.
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sjm said:
Immonen and Hohmann today. Best I've ever seen was Steve Mizerak.

Couldn't be more right, SJM. The Miz and Sigel have/had the exact same picture perfect stroke.


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I like Nick Varner at pool, Tiger Woods at golf, Bjorn Borg at tennis, Ken Griffey Jr. at baseball, Oscar Robertson at basketball. FUNdamentals take activities and turn them into expressions of desire to be the best.


Jerry Briesath and the BCA instructors say that a good stroke is a beautiful throwing motion. Back slow and then accelerate through the ball. I always liked the looks of Mike Sigel's stroke, and Earl is pretty smooth too. At the moment I'm facinated by Allison Fisher's snooker stroke. I find that little pause of her's hard to do but she makes it look so good. Buddy Hall and Nick Varner sure look like they know what they are doing also.