Question: short splices


Rick Geschrey
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I know exactly what you mean.

I cut all my points out of a 1" square and that reveals two with a grain pattern and two that are not as figured. I usually put the matching pieces at 180 to each other on a 4 pointer.

Ebony points always match. LOL



Rabid Schuler fanatic
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If you buy smaller pieces, you can use two pieces for point stock so the grain matches. That way you have 2 book matched sets.

Paul Dayton

AzB Silver Member
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It might matter. When I am using striped or curly woods such as maple, koa, acacia inceana , or others. I always try to use these woods in a way that will maximize the pattern on every point which is different than it would be for other woods. With cocobolo for instance I have two opposite quarter grained faces and two opposite plane grained faces. It looks worst when you have 3 faces that match and one that doesn't. I just did a cue with black mulga where all six points are quartered because it looked a lot better.