Rare Ernie Martinez 60 " Cue from 1994


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I bought this 60 inch, 20 ounce pool cue from Ernie Martinez back in 1994. It is very unique. Not just because of its length, but because Ernie made it to look and feel a bit like my Gus Szamboti cue. He did a little research on the steel joint to use, and then he made the cue. He signed and dated it just above the wrap. He made three cues like this - One for me, one for my brother, and one for a friend in AZ. He made mine 60 inches long. Asking $2000.

The cue is in pristine condition. It has the original black irish linen wrap. I think the elkmaster tips are also original. It has less than 100 hours of play. I used this cue sparingly, because I had a Gus Szamboti and a Tim Scruggs cue that I used for serious play.
The cue has been handled with care throughout its life. It was kept in an Its George case (not included), it was never left in the heat or cold, and it still plays incredibly well.

Jack Brandt


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