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Are these real Aramith or Chinese knockoffs? What do you think? My suspicions were raised because the box has no printing, and I don't know if I've ever seen an Aramith ball with a solid black circle around the number. I'm no expert though so was wondering what others thought.


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A fake at 99%

OK the Box really has the original design of Aramith Boxes. But you should find somewhere printed in big and thick letters the name: ARAMITH! Normally above! Then your balls look like cheap copies. Because already the rings around the numbers you mentioned too, are definetely too thick and the numbers are written in a way they used to about 25-30 years ago or just like some cheap brands does it still now! Concerning the cueball I'm very confuse. Mainly why I played with the original ARAMITH Cueballs and many different brands. They first hadn't no dots or rings at all. Some years later the cueballs either had a ring or a dot. Depending on the weight of the cueball in red, blue or black! But in 32 years of pool I never played and saw a cueball with a red triangle?! Further ARAMITH do not only printing and applying always a big Sticker on one of the 4 sides of the box, with their Logo and a short description of the content on it. (like the Art.-Number, the diameter and other short Infos) Nooo you also should find inside a lttle warranty sheet or at least a even smaller one with the production Number on it!
So if you haven't got anything like the things I mentioned, I'm real sorry but these aren't the real ARAMITH Balls at 100%
If these balls are yours at home and you're not playing any bader than with other ones, who cares what brand these balls are?
Btw, Aramith balls are making a very particular deep sound, when they hitting each other! Usually the cheap ones are making a quite higher sound, because of their used material!
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