Reduced 🎱 CUSTOM JACOBY - 8 Point / 68 Ivory Inlays 🎱

ATX Trading

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Pricing & Shipping:

- $1800 - REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY from $2600 for quick sale as an investment opportunity has popped up
- Will be shipped with USPS priority with tracking and insurance


- Exposure, symptom, pet, & smoke free home


- Jacoby is a world class famous custom cue maker that does not cut corners and only uses the most prestigious materials with his construction
- For those of you who don’t know, a custom cue means It’s one of a kind
- Phenomenal condition overall
- Intricate, tight, and sharp points
- Shoots absolutely phenomenally.
- I had one shaft custom tapered down to 11.5mm exactly. Excellent for minimizing deflection with a smaller point of impact with experienced shooters. The other shaft is a 12.5mm with a Kamui Clear Medium to Medium Hard on it; I forget. Shafts in excellent condition; one unused and the other with 3 games on it only chalked with Kamui’s finest chalk.
- Jacoby signed and dated this cue of course
- This cue cost $3400 when it was custom made; and via emails from Jacoby, he recently mentioned that it should be sold for more. I acquired it via a good bulk trade deal, so I’m passing on savings. I’m currently renovating the house so some toys have to go. If it sells before renovations are finished to help fund the costs; this will be its discounted price. Amongst the completion of my house; I’ll post it for $3200 and wait for it. I promise that.


- Combination of quality and exotic wood include: Ebony & Burl Wood which are BOTH Endangered and amongst the most expensive woods in the world.
- ALL the white you see is Ivory
- Total of 68 Ivory inlays
- Total of 8 points with a diamond spade like head on them
- 8 silver rings on the butt alone
- Butt cap is removable for adjusting it’s weight to your liking
- Currently weighted at 19 oz.


- Butt
- Both Shafts
- Tip Covers
- Joint Protectors

Accepted Forms Of Payment:

- Cash
- Venmo
- CashApp
- Facebook Pay
- PayPal
- Credit Card swipe or manual entry in person


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