Reference points


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Quit and sold all my cues 3 years ago, never went near a table since.
Got bored one evening and decided it would be a good winter sport to take up :)

Ordered a cue and went to play, played not to shabby first outing but only had an hour to get back into it, second outing hitting the ball pretty good and making the longs ones quite easily. CB control is a bit wonky but that's a feel thing, new cue, tip and strange table it will take time.

I am a firm believer in a fundamental approach and good technique so over the years I spent many hours working on a simple mechanical approach to my stroke.
What I believe got me up to speed so quickly is I have the three reference points of my grip in the exact same position on the butt, the cue on my chin and also up against my chest, basically connecting the dots.

Having these reference points will just about get you in the same position every time you get down on a shot, it's a style worth considering if you struggle with consistency.