Reno Open Looking good


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why so sparse

ccn7 said:
So far its been a great show some of the players ive watched Jose Parica, Troy Frank , Ernsto Dominguez Shawn Putman Glen Atwell all still on the winners side. i watched the young kid play Austin,kids got game for sure he's out of it now but look for him in the future to be a winner. to pick a winner now id go with Jose or Shawn both looking good.but as we all know any one of these guys or even some i didnt mention can win any time they get in the zone before the other guy.its not the IPT but still exciting.and the food is GREAT

I wonder why the pro showing is so sparse.....maybe the money is not enough for some of those eastern and southern based pros to come to Nevada? Anyway, thanks for the post and where have you been dining? I'm headed up this weekend........