Replica South West - Jovi Cues (Rosewood)


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Couple weeks ago I listed a purple heart Jovi SW replica cue, and have sold it two days ago. But still having a lot of interested buyers sending me PMs and emails.

So I went ahead and gave Mr.Jovi a phone call. He only had one extra one laying which was suppose to be a special cue to keep. But he decided to hand me the opportunity to own this cue, and at discounted price!! Which means your gain here.

This Jovi "South West" Replica cue features a nicely dark-toned rosewood into rosewood. Triple nice vibrant veneers, three different shades of green.

Like most of his SW replica cues, this cue is also made to South West specs (butt/shaft weight, balance point, joint diameter 21mm).

This cue's specs as follow:
Butt: 16oz
Shaft: 3.6oz (13mm)

He upgraded this cue with nice leather wrap, I also installed a new genuine Moori tip so the lucky buyer can chalk up and start hitting balls as soon as he gets it.

I have sold the used purple heart cue at US$325, this one's brand new and new tip, leather wrap upgrade. More expensive wood combo (rare rosewood). And you're getting it at US$25 extra.

Price: PENDING SALE shipped express worldwide

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That is a beautiful cue for the price point, hope to see you post more of his cues(when they are available).