Report from Jr World Championships, Nicaragua


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Greetings from Managua! The Junior World Nine Ball Championships got underway yesterday, with the first two rounds of play. BEF Executive Director Laura Smith has brought the USA’s best young players to match up against players from 20 other countries and every continent.
The American contingent all survived into the second day in the double elimination format. On the ladies’ side, Liz Lovely, Nicole Jaynes and Brianna Miller all finished the day at with 1 victory and 1 loss, as did Landon Shuffett, Skyler Woodward, and Jesse Engel. Nick Tafoya and Brendan Crockett are undefeated and are in the final 8 on the winner’s side today. Matches start at 9 am central time and are streaming at, where you can also find detailed results. The Nicaraguans have gone all out and made this a truly world class event for the world’s best young players. The quality of play is astounding, and you should take the time to check out the top talent of tomorrow in action today. Internet here is a little sketchy but I’ll try to get back on later with a report of today’s action. Go USA!


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Thanks for the terrific update. I know many of these young players and they are highly dedicated and strong players. Can you please send the link to where we can watch the tournament?