Revo Shaft Weight


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Does anyone know the weight of the Revo shafts? I have checked the For Sale threads, Seybert's and the Predator site and none of them mention the weight of the shafts. I would suspect the radial shafts might be a bit lighter due to the insert in the Uni-lock shafts.

Thanks in advance for any info you may provide.



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Had one with a uniloc briefly that weighed 3.8oz. This was the 12.4mm version with the obvious insert for the pin. I talked to predator at the SBE last year or whenever the revo came out and they said all would weigh in at the 3.8oz range. Again this was for the 12.9mm version at the time.

I like my shafts in the 4.0oz range and most of the Revo's I've seen have been around that weight.


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Revo shaft Weight

Thanks for the info. That is a pretty consistent weight across the board.


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Hi Al. I’ll measure mine tomorrow. Happy Holidays to you and your family.
The 12.9 is 3.8
The 12.4 is 3.9


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