Richard Black Shop Robbed


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Richard asked me to post the following on his behalf. If anyone has any information please contact him directly at the number or email listed at the bottom.
Thank you

October 28, 2019

Over this last weekend my shop in Houston, Texas, was broken into and many things were taken. Not very nice for an 82 year old that is trying to enjoy his “Golden Years”.

Any help in recovering the products and tools taken would certainly be appreciated. Below is a partial list of things taken. They amount to approximately $50,000. (Grand Larceny)

Six, Four Point Cues with two shafts each (some wrapped, some not) and none of the shafts were finished out. All signed by Richard Black and dated 2018.

Three cues by Scott Gilmore. Three different designs and all signed by Scott. Definitely “one-of-a-kind” works. All completely finished.

From the shop:

An 80 gallon Air Compressor

A small vacuum pump

A Red roll-around tool chest and filled with hand tools

A roll-around thickness sander

A Red Milwaukee radio

A heavy Grizzley 6” sander

A buffing double wheel on stand

Two miniature table saws

A 20 ton hydraulic jack

A Dumore Tom Thumb tool post grinder

A small propane torch set

Four spray guns for finishing

Quite a few other things including chemicals

Richard Black

281-794-5666 (cell)


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This is sickening. Hopefully it all pops up in a pawnshop and you can get your stuff back ASAP, and the little pukes that did this can spend some time with real criminals.

Palmetto cue

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So sorry to hear this sir! It's a shame. I sure hope they catch em. Were they able to lift any prints?