RIP cue legend Bill Schick


It is what it is...
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I was lucky enough to know him and call him my friend.


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Terrible news. Joe Gold must be devastated he held Bill in the highest regards.. Lost another one of the few remaining old school giants of pools golden era of their day..RIP to a legend, Bill Schick...


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It is sad to see such esteemed names in the game we all love so much pass on.
I know it’s the circle of life that all of us yield to. And sometimes life gets stolen at
the tenderest of ages whereas others seemingly get to live a more fulfilling existence.

Mr. Schick definitely established himself as one of the best in cue making. You know
when you have truly reached the apex of your craft when your peers admire your work.
He was just such a person. Some of the best have left us & not enuf new talent emerging.


Just stumbled across this thread. Sorry to hear the news.
I still recall the Iconic photo with Schick, TAD, Gutierrez and Richard Black all together. (Sort of the Beatles.)
One by one they pass away.
I'm Lucky to own a DOUBLE SIGNED ('93 and refinished in '06) Schick Cue.


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Rest in peace Mr. Schick.
I visited his place back in 2018 when I was in Shreveport for work. I had a shaft that needed a tip, and suggestions from this site led me there. After asking for him, I was led to a side room where Bill was working, but he stopped and we spent the next couple hours BSing while he did my tip. He also brought the diameter down from the 13mm stock diameter, to a bit under 12, on this sander that he said he got from a broom making factory. Took about 5-6 passes and that shaft had a nice consistent pro-taper just like my other shafts. I'm sure the preceding 50 years taught him how to make that happen so easily. He showed me a couple custom cues he was working on, a matched set for a couple, with scrimshawed horses on hers, and private aircraft on his.....gorgeous cues. He couldn't have been nicer, and I was just a northerner that walked in off the street. I won a tournament at Secrets while I was there using that cue, just a weekly 9-ball tournament, but it was my first ever win like that. Thanks Bill Schick, and God speed.