RIP Joe Thomas, He was a great part of pool in Toledo.


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Joe Thomas was a great man that lived and breathed pool. He played his whole life, bought sold and traded anything pool related. He also worked on cues, worked on tables, taught, won, lost and of course: HUSTLED!!!! He was a living legend until recently and now his legend will grow further in our pool community in Toledo.
He was at the pool hall every day he could be. I was lucky to get to know him a little over the years, got to get beat in one pocket by him and I learned that he was always smiling :) Thanks be to God for Joe Thomas, RIP Brother.

Trent from Toledo


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Rusty in Montana

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It's always a sad deal when someone like Joe passes away . I hope someone thought about interviewing him and recorded his stories .
May he rest in peace and his friends and family find comfort during this difficult time .


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Oh that first photo! So sad to lose the guys who kept this thing going for us to continue to enjoy today on some level😞.

Thank you Toledo Joe- RIP.