Rodney's greatest weapon, turned out to be his biggest adversary.


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I just recently watched the last two matches(at the IPT website) that Efren Reyes and Rodney Morris had and came to a few conclusions.

Before the final started Efren was better equiped Rodney in pattern play,kicking ability,big money game experience, etc etc.Efrens achilles heel was his break and that was the only thing that Rodney was clearly better than Efren at.

As history will bear out, it was Rodney's break that killed him in the end.Those three scratches off the break, turned out to be devastating and his biggest adversary.Giving a pro ball in hand three times is certain death.Efren on the other hand played up to form and broke generally terrible.When he did occasionally make a ball, like in the last game it was pretty flukey.

Efren was very beatable that day and Rodney basically handed it to him on the platter with those three scratches on the break.I'm not trying to diminish Efren's effort here so,PLEASE don't misunderstand me,but in my opinion Rodney beat himself.

I know the final was for HUGE cash and with the enormity of that alone,I can fully see them both being a somewhat tight.I do think, however, that the turning point of that last match, was influeneced (possibly) by what took place in their previous match in the final six.

It was there that Rodney had Efren near dead leading Efren 7-5 and having him hooked solidly with Efren's two ball surrounded by Rodneys 15 ball and the 8 ball.Efren then pulled out his magic once again, threaded the needle with a spectaculiar kick to make the two ball in the side.It had to be and was a PERFECT shot.Rodney was leading 7-6 still, but his heart was pounding mightly. The magician had once again rose from the dead.Rodney eventually, but very shakily pulled out that match 8-7,but(to me) the damage had been done.

When Rodney met Efren in the final, he knew he was playing a very special player.Not that he didn't know all about Efren from before,however, re-watching the video, Rodney looked very shaky after that spectaculiar kick.

Rodney Morris was a player on fire completley dominating everywhere and everyone.When he met Reyes, he suddenly looked very ordinary.

....see what a little magic can do.


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Your analogy

is pretty good, and I also felt when Efren missed the 8 ball, Rodney probably had a little passing thought in his head that said, "I can win this match".

You're right though, that 2 ball kick was a superb shot by anyone's standards along with the resulting shape after he made it. Rodney knew about and probably concerned about 'Efren's bag of tricks', and that probably struck a little fear in Rodney. As every good Pool player is aware, it only takes something small at the time to start turning the tide the other way.

Rodney also made a mistake the way he played the table when the 5/13 were tied up just uptable from the side pocket. He got the wrong shape on the 6 ball, but I thought he should have shot the 6 before the 7 and come off the rail after making the 7 to get on the 5, which would have cut directly into the side pocket.

And every good player knows where that head ball hit is, especially after doing it once, that causes the cue ball to go into the side or corner pocket, and he did not make the proper adjustment in his break to counteract for it.