Role Models


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In America: Nick Varner / Jim Rempe / Johnny Archer- Each conducted themselves as Professionals, each has won many titles and really good personalities.

European: Ralph Souquet / Jimmy White / Ronnie O'Sullivan - Stellar performers on the biggest of stages. Mental fortitude to win

Asia- Efren Reyes / Francisco Bustamante / Alex Pagulayan - One is the GOAT for sure. All have heart (Bustamante in the 2002 World 9-ball championship finals against Earl Strickaland. A few days prior Bustamante lost his daughter and still played). Alex "the Lion" is still playing at a stellar professional Level.

Side Note for American players: Props to Tony Chohan- from spending time in the penitentiary to getting his life in order and having an absolute excellent 2022 year with $100K in earnings.