Ronny Park Passes Away Due to COVID Complications


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Very nice obituary of Ronny Park:

Ronald John Park (Ronny/Ron), 72, Fort Mill South Carolina, passed away on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021.​

Ronny was born in The Bronx, New York on April 26th, 1948 where he attended Trenton High School. Shortly after he relocated to Connecticut, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps (1967-1976) and served as a sniper in Vietnam and was a Purple Heart recipient. He returned home to Danbury Connecticut, before settling down in Charlotte NC in the 1990’s where he lived out the remainder of his life. He never let anyone forget his love for New York City and the Yankees!

His journey in billiards began at the young age of 8 and remained constant throughout his life. Whether teaching, competing, or spectating his love for the game was always known. No matter what pool hall you walked into everyone knew who “Ron” was and his infamous “Ah Comon”. Just a few of his many accomplishments include: US Amateur Championships (first ever champion 94’, runner up 2011), 13th place finish US Open 9 ball championship (97’), Super Billiard Expo Senior Champion (2017), not to mention 3 World Open Straight Pool Qualifier Wins.

Ronny is survived by family members Edna Bell, Kevin Shaw, Alexandria Gray, Kylie Shaw, Raelyn Shaw, Maddox Shaw, Jagger Shaw, Charleigh Shaw, Hollis Shaw, Raleigh Bishop, Katie Cowan-Bischoff, Kayla Farris, Kaliah Lindsey, Anna Dovale, Tommy Kennedy, Rick Burleson, Christina Ortiz, and many beloved friends.
He is preceded in death by his Mother, Margaret A. Leimer.

A funeral? Ah Comon! We will hold the 1st annual Ronny Park Memorial Pool Tournament on Saturday May 8th, 2021 at Westend Billiards 2805 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC (more details to follow). All proceeds will go towards burial expenses. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Pay $Shaw6269 on Cash App.

Source: [Retrieved 38 March 2021]


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Ronny Park passed away a few days ago. Last year, he was taking infusion treatments that seemed to be working. He tried very hard to limit himself on outings due to COVID, knowing he was susceptible, but in pool rooms and restaurants in his area, I guess, a lot of people did not wear masks or social distance. Those close to him said he passed away from complications due to COVID. With his medical condition, I'm sure he was vulnerable, more so than others.

Born in New York State, Ronnie emigrated to North Carolina which is where he lay his hat, though it remained a Yankee hat. Most know Ronny created a pool fundraiser at his home pool room for Tommy Kennedy in his time of need when Tommy was hospitalized. That is the kind of person Ronny was. I spoke to him recently about an exhibition match in his home pool room. I was shocked to learn he passed away.

He was a regular on the American tournament trail, actually a very strong player, and he will be missed. Ronny Park was one of the good guys in pool.

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Oh, no. I met Ronny when i was 19 at Mothers in Charlotte. We immediately bonded. He loved his Italian food! RIP my friend. :(


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I was so sad to see this last week, Ronny was a great guy. I always looked forward to seeing him & TK every year, he will definitely be missed along with all the others we've lost. 😢


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Sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences to his family and close friends. He was a good man - gone too soon. :(
No words can express the sorrow and anger this virus has caused so many to experience.
Since there isn’t any cure, all anyone can do is be careful and get vaccinated and still be careful.

My heart aches and tears come to my eyes every time a news network shows the names & faces
of people that died from this virus. So when I see or read about someone, especially younger than
me, and was known and loved by others in this small community we belong to, i.e., pool addicts,
and COVID steals them, I get angry. It was needless death that I am horrified to think will continue.

I never knew Ronny but I can tell I’d have liked him.....a fellow NYer, Yankee fan and looks like a
no nonsense guy that pretty much lays it on the line so there’s no misunderstandings. And to those
that knew him and loved him, like someone has said so many times and it is a beautiful hope to have....

May the time come soon that his memory brings a smile to your lips before a tear to your eyes.

As Irish are known to toast....And may you be in heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead.
God bless Ronny Park and I betcha he’s chatting with Mosconi right now for a bigger spot in their match.


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Wow. Another nice one gone. I user to practice during the day at Mothers in Charlotte. I enjoyed watching Ron entertain the rail birds chasing the ghost for hours. I think watching him was better than practice.


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I agree, watched him for hundreds of hours over the years I was down there, sad news