Schon STL-4 Pool Cue With Original Schon Shaft & Joint Protectors

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SOLD - Schon STL-4 Pool Cue With Original Schon Shaft & Joint Protectors


Hello! I am a new member to AZ however have been an active looker for quite some time now. I have several nice cues accumulating in my home and have decided it is time to let some go. I have done my best to read the rules and understand them all. If in case I do something wrong please let me know. Thanks in advanced and I look forward to becoming a regular here in the AZ community.

Cues are currently listed on eBay as well, check them out! Listed with same title.

Send Me Your Offers


  • - Schon STL-4 Pool Cue
  • - Excellent shape overall
  • - Original Schon Shaft, not the new ones everyone hates


  • - Tip: Kamui Medium
  • - Ferrule: Proprietary "Schon" brand, developed to hit like micarta
  • - Shaft: 29'' long with a 10" to 12'' pro taper, hard rock maple
  • - Collar: (shaft & joint): Black proprietary plastic with a nickel silver ring
  • - Joint: Polished stainless steel, piloted
  • - Pin: 5/16" 14 pitch, stainless steel
  • - Forearm: Blonde birdseye maple with four Ebony Points
  • - Wrap: Irish linen, black with white specs
  • - Sleeve: Ebony
  • - Plate: White proprietary plastic
  • - Bumper: Black rubber, and is secured by a screw which threads into the weight bolt in the bottom of the cue


  • - Schon STL-4 Pool Cue
  • - Both Joint Protectors

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask me any questions. I will do my best to answer them. I have also posted these cues to eBay with a 10 day auction duration. If sold here prior; I will remove the listing from eBay, or the entire transaction can be done on the eBay link as well, whatever the buyer prefers.



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i just ordered a cue like this from bob runde to be my player

only difference was that mine has a hoppe ring

gus szamboti told my friend jack potter that the 4 point with no veneers were the best playing model

i don't know if that is always true but when runde asked me if i wanted a nice player,this is what he is making me


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Welcome to AZ.....Nice Schon cue, May help u to list an asking price. Most people on here dont like the "make me an offer type threads". GLWS sir.


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i'll offer $68, provided everything is straight, the shaft is at least 12.9mm and the cue weighs under 19.5oz

feel free to counter offer if my purchase criteria is met