Seeking quotes for Final 'Encyclopedia' of Pool Hustlers Tributes


Cat Bentivegna Adami
The Tribute section of the deluxe edition of Freddy the Beard's Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers has unexpectedly grown with the size of the "Tribute" section at the very end where we've compiled a list of almost 50 players/pool hustling history folk who have passed away since 2012.

The INCREDIBLE AND THOUGHTFUL Mary Kenniston has provided most but I am still looking for at least one quote on these:

1. Patcheye
2. Country
3. San Jose Dick
4. Donnie Anderson
5. Larry Price
6. Ronnie Allen
7. Paul Brusloff or "Jew Paul" in the book(my apologies - not trying to offend but you might not know him by his birth name!)

Honoring people and solidifying their place in history would be important to my Dad so I want to do this right.