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help me out guys...
-is the ob break shaft any good? would a mezz break shaft be better? I know that Putnam had said that he uses or used a regular ob shaft with a hard tip to break with and loves it. i have a leon sly jump/break and am thinking about preserving the shaft. it has a radial pin
-I know that the samsara break tip is new and top notch...but does it jump well? If I put it on a j/b cue that jumps and breaks well, will I still be able to jump well? or should I carry a separate jump cue?

any and all info is invited.
-mick from baltimore


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The Samsara JB tip is the nuts, and it jumps as well as it breaks. It's so hard it's hard to tell from phenolic, but you don't have the miscue issues.
The OB Break Shaft hits 'em real good as a break shaft, but it is not designed to - or intended to - do well as a jump shaft. It is designed to provide shaft deflection rather than imposing cue ball deflection. Meaning, rather than driving thru the cue ball to push it into the slate and cause a rebound, it will tend to deflect off the cue ball & provide less jump impetus.
I would not use a regular OB shaft for a break shaft - the taper isn't as strong as I'd like for that purpose. Might be ok for nine ball where you're only using a hard pop, but for full rack power breaking, I don't think it's a good fit.
Lastly - I wouldn't worry about trying to preserve the shaft on your Sly JB. What's the point? You're not talking about a collectible cue here. If you like how it hits, use it. Bet that's what Leon would tell ya.