Shaft Taper - poll results

Banker Burt

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Thank you to those that voted. Although this post exposed many inner feelings between people on this forum, much more importantly it did reveal what sixteen of you felt was the most important parts of the shaft.
The poll would only allow you to vote for one of the four parts of a shaft. This was by design to make you think about each part of a shaft, and how it will affect your cue's playability.

Voting results -
8 - taper
0 - diameter
0 - ferrule
8 - tip

I agree with the split decision, but with an excerpt on diameter. The individuals that voted explained their reasoning quite well in their responses. The tip is the only part that makes contact with the CB, and it is the taper that a player depends on for a consistent reproduction of the sensation they feel; once contact is made with the CB.

The ferrule is more like the joint where if properly designed and installed it should work as a non-intrusive cushion when striking the CB.

This being said, the diameter does play a role WITH the tip and taper. As I understand it, a smaller diameter shaft has greater flex, thus reducing the amount of deflection on the CB when aiming with side. A larger diameter has less flex creating greater deflection from the visualized line.
Note- This of course is when both sizes are delivered at a given speed of motion.

My consensus? If ten pro players were to experiment with (X) number of shafts with different taper and diameter combinations (using their personal cue butt and choice of tip), the majority would select only two types of shafts; one by the power players, and one by the finesse players.

Now the question is, "Do you know what style of player you are?" My suggestion is to know the answer to this question before spending a dime on any cue, with an emphasis on shaft design.
It is your game and money at stake...